Protecting Children and Adults
The Wisconsin Province of the Society of Jesus* 

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Sexual Abuse of Minors or Vulnerable Adults
The Society of Jesus particularly abhors sexual abuse of minors or vulnerable adults. Consequently,we are ashamed of any instance of sexual abuse by one of our members. Our desire is to do all that we can to prevent future abuse and to facilitate the healing and reconciliation of anyone abused by a Jesuit. Since 2002, the Wisconsin Province has committed itself to the following measures:  Protect Children

Ministry to Adults
The Society of Jesus is similarly concerned to provide safe and ethical ministry to adults. We recognize that it is a violation of justice, and in some instances a crime, to take advantage of a pastoral or other professional relationship in order to further one's own personal, sexual or other interests. Our desire is to do all that we can to maintain and support professional boundaries in ministry to adults. Since 2006, the Wisconsin Province has committed itself to the following measures: Protect Adults

The Office of Victim Advocacy
The Wisconsin Province, together with the Chicago‐Detroit Province, has established an Office of Victim Advocacy, to receive, and investigate allegations or reports of misconduct by Jesuits of the region*. The Director of this office serves as the primary vehicle of communication between the Province and persons bringing an allegation or report. The current director, Ms. Marjorie O'Dea, is a former law enforcement officer of long experience.

To Report Abuse or Other Misconduct by a Jesuit, please contact:

Ms. Marjorie O'Dea
Director, Office of Victim Advocacy
Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus
2050 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60614-7719
Voice: 773-975-6363   Fax: 773-975-0230

What to Expect When Reporting 

* The Wisconsin Province is the regional administrative unit and civil‐corporate entity for Jesuits serving in the
states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.



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