Fr. Al Bischoff, SJFr. Albert Bischoff, SJ
Age 87
58 Years a Priest, 35 Years a Jesuit

“What a life this has been and is, getting up each morning and seeing what God has in store for me.”

Fr. Bischoff, a native of Cincinnati, was ordained for that Diocese in 1956 and entered the Jesuits in 1979. He has long been affiliated with Xavier University.  He was a student in the 40s, a chaplain in the 70s and Associate director of campus ministry during the late 80s and early 90s. Currently he is serving in campus ministry as coordinator of pastoral ministry and as associate pastor at Bellarmine Chapel. This pastor, teacher, campus minister and long-time retreat director also spent six years (1992-1998) at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis.  

For decades he has worked with young people whom he describes as sensitive and thoughtful. He humbly states “I had to learn to set aside all that I had learned and just listen, pray more for understanding and stumble along with them.”

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Fr. Ken Herian, SJFr. Ken Herian, SJ
Age 90

72 Years a Jesuit, 48 Years Serving
Milwaukee’s Gesu Parish

“Fr. Ken is a gentle, soft-spoken man who lives his faith.  He is a humble, compassionate, and faithful leader who gives of himself 365 days a year.”  – Patricia Kline, Gesu Parishioner

Fr. Herian was born in Ashland, Wisconsin, and entered the Jesuits in 1942. In 1955 he was ordained at Milwaukee’s Gesu Church, a place that was destined to be of great significance to him. He taught history at Creighton Prep in Omaha from 1949-1952 and served as acting pastor at St. John’s Parish there for a one-year stint in the mid-60s. 

From 1968 to the present, he has been an enduring and comforting presence at Gesu, serving the pastoral needs of this large urban-based Parish. Six days out of seven, he celebrates the 6:15 a.m. Mass and frequently calls his parishioners and sends them greeting cards to mark birthdays, baptisms, weddings and numerous types of special anniversaries. His favorite motto is “Be strong and keep the faith!”

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