Answering the Call to Serve

These vocation stories offer an inside look at the journey to becoming a Jesuit and the blessings that come with answering the call to serve.

LinePaul Lickteig, SJEleven Years and Still Embracing the Mystery

By Paul Lickteig, SJ

On the cusp of ordination, I find myself anticipating something that I have been preparing 11 years for: sacramental ministry. Eleven years spent watching my friends enter active professional life, raise kids, and lead good lives in their own vocations. Eleven years of formation in prayer, joy, struggle, education, and work. I have experienced many graces, to be sure. I have learned how to be cared for by the people of God. I have been pushed to grow in ways that I never quite thought I would be. Now, though, I feel like I am just about to enter into the fullness of God’s call to me.

It is a mystery, after all. We take these vows as Jesuits that we believe will help us offer ourselves to God through the Son in a special way. For both the priests and brothers I have come to know, admire, and love as companions in Christ, the vows are not something we take lightly. Nor are our vows a one-time thing. Rather, as I have seen time and again over the course of the last decade, it is something that we must choose to give ourselves to, through our prayer and in our personal relationships, on a daily basis. We make these vows as an offering of ourselves, but also because we believe that they will shape us into more caring ministers. Through the vows, we come to care in a prophetic way for the people of God in imitation of Christ.



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