Elder JesuitsEngaging in Unceasing Prayer

They work for God in this life and save retirement for the next. Most Jesuits continue in active ministry well into their 70s, 80s and even their 90s. When advanced age, frail health or another need for special care arises, they join the Jesuit Community at St. Camillus in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Here, a holistic model of care meets the men's physical and spiritual needs while preserving their ability to live in community and be apostolically available. They pray daily for the Church, the Society of Jesus and for all who partner with us in mission.

Because Jesuits take a vow of poverty, the needs of our elder men are met by pooling resources from salaried Jesuits, Medicare, Social Security and charitable contributions.

We ask that you pray for our senior Jesuits, and prayerfully consider a gift to support their care.


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Share a Senior Moment ...

Fr. Bob Hilbert, SJFr. Bob Hilbert, SJ - "God Makes the Call ... We Just Have to Listen" - It was the middle of World War II when young Bob Hilbert graduated from Creighton Prep and entered the Society of Jesus.  "I knew very early in life that I wanted to be a Jesuit," he recalls.  (May 2013)

Fr. Bob Leiweke SJFr. Robert Leiweke, SJ - "A companion through and through" - Approachable. Attentive. Authentic. Available.
These words come up time and again when his fellow Jesuits describe Fr. Bob Leiweke, SJ. It is such qualities that have made him a valuable – and valued – spiritual director. (February 2013)


Fr. Dick McCaslin, SJFr. Richard McCaslin, SJ  - "Still learning after all these years".  Growing up in north Omaha as one of 13 children –
six of whom entered religious lives – Fr. McCaslin “always wanted to be a priest.” He also wanted the kind of education for which Jesuits are known, and to go to the missions. (October 2012) 

Fr.. Larry Jonas, SJ - then and nowFr. Larry Jonas, SJ - "The Minister of Presence" Fr. Larry Jonas, SJ, is an Associate Pastor at Gesu Church in Milwaukee and a member of the St. Camillus elder Jesuit community. His Gesu parishioners affectionately refer to him as the "Minister of Presence," a title that aptly describes how he meets and greets his flock. However, this 91-year-old Jesuit does much, much more than shake hands. (July 2012)

Fr. JJ O'Leary, SJ
A Grateful Heart is a Happy HeartJust ask Fr. JJ (James J.) O’Leary, SJ.  He’ll tell you that whenever he speaks about the St. Camillus Jesuit Community – a place that our Jesuit Partners like you make possible through your financial support. (June 2011)

Fr. James Gladstone, SJThere's No Place Like THIS HomeFr. James Gladstone, SJ shares his thoughts and reflections about the St. Camillus Jesuit Community - the thrid largest Jesuit community in the Wisconsin Province.   (July 2010)

Fr. John Naus, SJFr.  John Naus, SJ (aka, Tumbleweed the Clown):  At age 84, this Professor of Philosophy is a familiar and well-loved presence on the Marquette University Campus for over 46 years.  Neither advanced age nor infirmity keeps him from doing what he loves most being a Jesuit in the service of others.  (August 2009)


Fr. Bill Kegel, SJ80 Years a Jesuit and Still Singing StrongThere are a few things about life that Fr. Bill Kegel, SJ, thinks you should know.  (July 2009)