St. Xavier School Children at Lunch

Responding to Needs throughout the World

By inspiring the collaboration of lay men and women in our works to advance Jesuit missionary and global humanitarian activities, we hope to further the Ignatian vision of a better world. The Wisconsin Province is especially active in Eastern Africa, the Kohima Region of Northeast India, and Ecuador – although our men and associated volunteers work in many other areas as well. When our Jesuit Partners support this Wisconsin Province funding priority, it helps: 

  • Train priests.
  • Educate lay leaders.
  • Build schools, parishes, and retreat centers.
  • Promote self-reliance and spiritual awareness.
  • Provide relief to people who are dealing with desease, hunger, poverty, civil war and natural disasters. 

  • We ask that you pray for our international works like these, and prayerfully consider a gift to support them.

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