Province Staff

Fr. Thomas Lawler, SJFr. Tom Lawler, S.J. 

The Provincial is the Chief Executive of the Wisconsin Province. Fr. Lawler’s duty is to care for the Jesuits in their work and in their life in the Society.  He also cares for the ministries – schools, churches, missions served by the Wisconsin Province and is the direct link to the Society in Rome.

Phone: 414-937-6949               
Fr. Mark Carr, SJFr. Mark Carr, S.J.

The Socius is the “right hand man” or the executive assistant of the Provincial. He often takes over the day-to-day duties of overseeing the Province office and workflow.  He keeps in touch with the superiors of the Jesuit ministries in the Province.

Phone: 414-937-6949   

Paul Coelho, SJFr. Paul Coelho, S.J.
Assistant for Vocations

Works with young men seeking to become Jesuits:  Plans vocation events, accompanies discerners, and assesses the suitability of applicants.

Phone :  402-619-7030   
Matt CoutureMatt Couture
Assistant for Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education

Works with the grade, middle and high schools and their staffs.

Phone: 773-975-6894

Jenene FrancisJenéne Francis
Assistant for Pastoral and Retreat Ministries

Works with the parishes and retreat centers of the Province.

Phone:  773-975-6894
Jane Glynn-NassJane Glynn-Nass
Assistant for Province Health Care

Provides health care coordination and wellness promotion for the Jesuits in the Province.

Phone:  414-727-5230  

Fr. Ray Guiao,SJFr. Ray Guiao, S.J. 
Assistant for Formation and Ongoing Formation

Works with the men in the Society and their growth from novices to studies to regency to ordination and through Final Vows.

Phone: 773 975-6872 

Daniel C. McDonald, SJFr. Daniel C. McDonald, S.J.
Assistant for Higher Education 

Works with Universities to evaluate and to encourage the Jesuit context and mission.

Phone:  414-727-5224  

Howard CraigHoward Craig
Assistant for Advancement

Manages the Province community outreach programs of Advancement to inform and support our Jesuit Partners and friends as well as raise funds for the regional, national and international priorities of both the 7-state Wisconsin Province and the international Society of Jesus.

Phone:  414-937-6955 / 800-537-3736
Marjorie O'Dea
Director of the Office for Victim Advocacy

Receives allegations and reports of misconduct by Jesuits including but not limited to Sexual Abuse of Children.  She is responsible for initiating investigations of allegations and for responding to and supporting victims.   

Phone: 773-975-6363        




John SealeyJohn Sealey 
Social and International Ministries

Works on designated issues of social concern, shareholder advocacy and in support of Jesuit work overseas, particularly with our “twinned” provinces of Eastern Africa, Northeast India (Kohima), and Latin America (Peru).

Phone:  414-727-5226